Eat Healthy Food Plan By Daungy

Eat Healthy Food Plan By Daungy

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How To Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is critical to keeping up good health. Always eat healthy food. Luckily, It is more easy than it sounds. Some of the rules are select right hydrocarbons, Meat and proteins and other healthy foods like that. Here is the detail of some methods in this regard.

eat healthy

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Proteins are the basic components of healthy food plan. Eat Proteins and try to get 15-35% of your daily calories from proteins.

eat healthy

Eat fish  that  has more proteins.

eat healthy

To eat health try to eat chicken and duck breast.

eat healthy

Eat dry fruits like Nuts that have proteins.

eat healthy


Eat good selected carbohydrates. Eat sugar and other carbohydrates like flour that  are easily absorbed in human’s body digestive system. Eat a moderate amount of these carbohydrates. Eat mustard green and collard green and other carbohydrates.

eat healthy

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Super Foods

Eat super foods as these foods have a high tendency to fight with heart disease and other dangerous diseases like cancer. These may also fight with lower cholesterol and these foods make your mood good. These super foods include blueberries, Algae, Salmon and cranberries.

eat healthy

eat healthy

Try Meatless Mondays

This is an international campaign, Meatless Mondays. This campaign says that eat meat in one day of the week. Mostly, People have more proteins in their diet So avoiding meet will have a high benefit in this case i.e no extra proteins came in your body.

eat healthy

Avoid Fast Food

Try to avoid eating fast foods as these foods are fried and have a high amount of salts that is not good for human health. Also Fast food contains trans fat which is the worst fat ever and have a bad impact on human health.

eat healthy for cheap


Salts are good in moderate amount for humans. Blood pressure goes high if we take salts in more quantity. Always see labels and also use salts sparingly.

eat healthy fast food


Drink as much water as you can. Drink more water makes you more healthy. Drink water improves your digestion system. Drink water before eating some thing. If needed try to drink water in middle and try to avoid drinking water at the end of eating as it is not good for your health.

eat healthy to lose weight

Avoid Cold Drinks

Try to avoid drinking cold drinks and other sugary drinks. Don’t drink juices and energy drinks that have artificial sweeteners.

eat healthy on a budget

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