Exercises To Lose Weight At Home – Perfect Tips By Daungy

Exercises To Lose Weight At Home – Perfect Tips By Daungy

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Exercises To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight then you must know exercises to lose weight. There are many exercises like running, Swimming, Cycling that are very simple exercises and which  you can do easily to lose weight.

Many other exercises like cardio, Any aerobic activity, lifting up the weight are some other good exercises to lose weight.

This article is specially designed for exercises to lose weight  at home with pictures. Or if you are looking for the answer of exercises to lose weight  at home fast.

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Exercise Plan

If you are looking for the exercises to lose weight at home. First of all you should plan your exercise. It is a simple thing that if you write down your goals on a paper it would be easy for you to accomplish them. Make your goals realistic plan that exercises which you can do easily like running, Lifting up the weight.


If you are looking for exercises to lose weight  at home fast. Then you should do some cardio burnout at home which you can do easily by swimming. By doing this cardio workout you can burn a lot of calories in short time at home. This will hep you losing weight.

Lift Weight 

There are many exercises to lose weight at home for tummy. One of the easiest of them is lifting up weight. You can Manage some weight at your home and this will help you burning you calories and building up muscles.

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House Work

If you are not already exercise everyday and you have a problem starting the exercise. You can start in in an easy way like do some house work, Go into lawn and do some yard work. You can also do the things like Dusting, Scrubbing to start exercise. Go to lawn and walk there for at least 10-15 minutes to start exercise.

Sit Ups

Do 25 sit ups or crunches each day. Stand straight on your foots and slightly bend your knees. Doing these small exercises on daily basis for the short intervals help you lose weight more easily.

Push Ups

To lose weight do at least 20 push ups a day. If you find them difficult on the first stage you can modify  them. Keep your knees on the floor but keep the other body straight. You can do these 20 push ups at once or you can take a break  if you do this exercise in the sets of 10.

Circuit Training Program

Many trainers say that you should try a condensed workout routine to lose your weight. There are many suggested condensed workout routines that  you may try to lose your weight.

  • Play some games like Volley Ball, Tennis, even Frisbee can help you lose weight.
  • Aerobic Exercises like swimming, Walking, Even aerobic machine will help you burn your calories.
  • Try that type of exercises that stretch your whole body.
  • Try juice cleanse . Drink lemonade, green tea with lemon.

exercises to lose weight

exercises to lose weight

exercises to lose weight
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