How to Get More Backlinks in Less Time – Full Guidance By...

How to Get More Backlinks in Less Time – Full Guidance By Daungy

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Get More Backlinks in Less Time

How to Get More Backlinks in Less Time

If you are running a blog or website, I am sure you will probably have knowledge that getting back links is one of the most important for ranking and traffic. But at the same time it is most time consuming task.
By applying following ways you can get more backlinks while spending less time. Lets discuss following ways to get more backlinks in less time one by one.

1- Write Epic Content

Creating quality and epic content is key to success. Google like fresh and quality content with consistency. Quality content means accurate and authentic solutions to users problems. If you are good at content then visitors will bookmark your blog or will remember it forever while they were searching at internet for some problems.
They will also share your posts to their blogs / forums or social media profiles. This process will help you to get more backlinks in less time.

2- Different Discussion Forums

Become an active member at different forums to answer the queries at different forums. People keep posting at different forums, try to answer them very effectively and post link of your blog posts which address that typical
question. There are a lot of questions / answers forums like Daungy Forum. This forum is very responsive and people are posting questions and answers.

3- Through Guest Posting

Add your website / blog link in your profile introduction while you are doing guest posts. There are many blogs for guest posting. Once you will do guest posts your profile link will be generating a backlink to your blog.
Blogs selection for guest posting should be done very carefully. Always select those blogs who are at good ranking. Who are famous blogs. You may search like “Top blogs for guest posting” on Google, you will get many blog links.

4- Social Media Sites

Sharing is caring. Through sharing at different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr etc.
You will also get huge amount of traffic from these social media websites if you are sharing your content on regular basis.
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5- Creating graphics / Infographics

Visual representation is a great way to express your ideas. Create infographics and share it at different blogs / websites and forum with URL / Link of your website / blog. In this way you will be generating backlinks to your website.


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