History Of Chinese New Year With Detail By Daungy

History Of Chinese New Year With Detail By Daungy

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Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is celebrated according to western calendar. Date of the Chinese new year is between January 21 to February 21 according to the western calendar. The other names of the festival are “Lunar” and Chinese spring festival.

Chinese new year

Chinese calendar is also called Lunar but Chinese new year dates are according to the western calendar. And the event lasts for the first fifteen days of this Chinese calendar. There is a wide range of celebrations which are made on the new year event.

Chinese new year history

These celebrations may be Parades, Feast and folk traditions and many others. You can participate in these activities and celebrations to make this event more memorable.

Chinese new year facts
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Home Decorations

Very first thing you have to do is to decorate your home and to make to look good on this new year event. This activity includes following things.

Chinese new year dates


Chinese believe that if they clean their home at new year event this will swipe away all the bad luck from their home. And they also clean their home to make a way for the good luck. So get ready and make your home clean.

Chinese new year animals

Decorate Red

Chinese make red decorations on the new year. Red is is color of good luck for the Chinese. So decorate your home with red color. You can put red curtains on the windows.

Chinese new year food

You can fly red Chinese flag. Make decorations by hanging up red couplets. make decorations of red lanterns.

Chinese new year

Get Red flowers to your home. These may be original or artificial. just for the decoration purpose.

Chinese new year


You have to celebrate the new year so make your dressing according to the occasion and also celebrate it according to the Chinese new year history. Some of the suggestions are following.

Chinese new year
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Usually Chinese wear traditional red dress on the new year event. If you have that traditional dress it is the perfect time to wear that dress. Otherwise you have to arrange any red color dress to wear on this occasion.

Chinese new year

Go To A Chinese Temple

There are some Chinese new year facts. Chinese people make celebrations by going to the Chinese temple. They go there to seek good luck. This is one of the most important part of the celebrations on the new year in China.

Chinese new year

You can enjoy Chinese new year food on this event. On this event people go and visit Chinese new year animals also.

Chinese new year food

Chinese new year animals

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