How Important are Backlinks in SEO – Complete Guidance By Daungy

How Important are Backlinks in SEO – Complete Guidance By Daungy

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How Important are Backlinks in SEO can be determined as backlink is like the backbone in SEO. All bloggers who just has started a website or a blog and looking to understand what backlink stand for.

Definition of Backlinks in SEO

Coming links towards a webpage are known as backlinks in SEO. When a webpage is linked to any other pages, it is known as backlink. You may analyze backlinks by Online SEO Tools.
Formerly the major parameter to rank any of a web page was backlinks. A page having more backlinks resulted as higher rank with all main search engines like Google. Here are main terms / points regarding backlinks about which you should knowledge:
Link-Juice: If a webpage is linked to any post of your website home page, it redirect the link juice. It will helps to improving the rank of your article, and it also helps to improve authority of the domain. If you are blogger, you may use a nofollow tag technique to stop passing of the link juice.
Nofollow-Link: When a blog links to another blog, but the link has a nofollow tag, that link will not pass the link juice. Nofollow links have no impact on concerning the ranking of a page, as they do not contribute anything. Example: Links from comments on other blogs.
Do-follow link: By default settings, all the links that you insert in a post are do-follow links, and these always pass the link juice.
Linking Root Domains: This means the number of backlinks coming to your blog from a unique domain. Even if a blog / website has linked to your blog / website ten times, it will be considered as the one linked root domain.
Low Quality Links: Links that come from automated sites, harvested sites, spam sites or even porn sites are known as low quality. Such links are more harming than good. This is main reason that you should keep in mind while you are buying backlinks.
Internal Links: Links from one page to another page within the same domain are treated as internal links, and the process known as internal linking.
Anchor Text: Text that is used in hyperlinks is known as anchor text. Anchor text backlinks are the great source to rank any particular keywords.

How Important are Backlinks in SEO

Improve Organic Ranking

Backlinks improve rankings in search engines. Any of your post is getting other blogs / sites organic links, it means content will automatically rank higher in search engines. You should generate links to posts/pages along with your home page.
How Important are Backlinks in SEO

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Indexing of Site

Search engine bots discover links to your site and crawl your site effectively by help of backlinks. Especially if you have a new website, it is important for you to get backlinks as they help in faster discovery and indexing of your sites on search engines.
How Important are Backlinks in SEO

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Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is the main benefits of backlinks. Normally, referral traffic is the targeted and has a very low bounce rate.

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