How to Get Approved for Google AdSense with New Blog

How to Get Approved for Google AdSense with New Blog

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How To Get Approved for Google AdSense

Following key points will be covered in this article to give authentic solution for your query about how to get approved for Google AdSense:

1- First Prepare Your Blog Before Applying
2- High Quality Content
3- XML Sitemap Page
4- Important Pages
5- Make Your Blog Search Friendly
6- Domain Age
7- Apply Using Main Domain
8- Decent Search Traffic
9- Prohibited Content
10-Easy to Navigate

Its a big question for all bloggers to know about how to get approved for Google AdSense with his her new blog. They invest on domain and hosting. They use their time to make a blog and put some content on it. But they usually fail to get approved for Google AdSense. To get approved for Google AdSense is quite easy task but 60% of new bloggers fail to get it. There are some basic rules and requirements by Google to follow to get account successfully.

How To Get Approved for Google AdSense

how to get approved for Google AdSense

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First Prepare Your Blog Before Applying

Before applying for Google AdSense you should ready your blog. As Google just approve those blogs who meets their standard and requirements. There are some standard and requirements announced by Google Team. Like for some countries like India, Bangladesh and China, Google announced that minimum age of blog should be 6 months. Similarly there should be reasonable amount of posts for these countries.


High Quality Content

Quality content is mother of everything. Or you may say “Content is KING” so you should be careful while generating content. Listen! If you write a post it will be till the end of blog, it will be for whole life of blog. So give proper time and generate quality content. Never copy paste content from other blogs / websites. Always generate original and to the point content. Google don’t approve blogs having only audio and video posts without enough text. Post text should be above 500-600 words. And it should 90-100% unique text.
Note: Post should be unique and quality content having more than 500-600 words.


XML Sitemap Page

Generate XML sitemap page for your blog. Creating XML Sitemap does not take much time. If you are using WordPress then I will recommend you XML SIteMap Generator . Installing a sitemap can help search engine bots to index your website ASAP.


Important Pages:

There are some important pages which you should create to get approved for Google AdSense. As Google wants to know identity your blog before applying for AdSense program.
1- Privacy-Policy
2- DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act
3- Terms of Usage
4- Contact Us
5- About Us


Make Your Blog Search Friendly:

Optimize your blog posts with Meta Tag and Description Tag. The meta tags describe to the crawler bots that about what the content is. The bots will check for every single point on your blog. That is why you should make sure that you have specified meta tags with appropriate information.

Try to make your Meta Title around 69 characters (including spaces), and Meta Description should be around 156 characters (including spaces).


Domain Age:

Your domain should be 6 months old at least. This is for some locations like India and China. I am going to share exact statement by Google.

For some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their websites for 6 months old. We have taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.


Apply Using Main Domain:

Always use your main / root domain like not


Decent Search Traffic:

Your blog should have decent amount of search engine traffic. Although at a lot of portals, forums mention that Google does not require any certain amount of traffic to approve your account. But still there are feelings that your website should have 50-100 organic pageviews per day. Again repeating its not a Google policy but these are feelings.


Prohibited Content:

To get approved Google AdSense you should not have prohibited content at your blog / website. Some prohibited content is given below:

i- Adult content
ii- Content advocating against an individual, group, or organization
iii- Copy righted material
iv- Drug-related content
v- Alcohol and tobacco-related content
vi- Hacking content
vii- Violent content
viii- Weapon related content
ix- Content that enables dishonest behavior
x- Illegal content


Easy to Navigate:

Your blog should be easy to navigate. It should very simple to user experience. Google AdSense much prefer easy navigation.

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