How To Kiss Perfectly – Kissing Tips For Beginners By Daungy

How To Kiss Perfectly – Kissing Tips For Beginners By Daungy

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How To Kiss Perfectly

So, You are looking for the answer of how to kiss perfectly? There are no hard and fast rules to kiss perfectly. When you want to kiss your partner amazingly there are couple of tips which you have to remember. Make some boyfriend/girlfriend, give her care and affection, Pay his/her bills. This will increase your attraction. Furthermore go on a date with your partner, Try to go to some place where you can find some private place. Show your partner you want to kiss him/her. Find appropriate time and kiss your partner. Following are some important techniques.

How To Kiss

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How To Kiss for the first time

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How To Kiss For The First Time

Groom yourself, Make your appearance great that  will make your partner wish to kiss you. You don’t need to do great efforts. A little effort will work for this task.

How To Kissing perfectly

How To Kiss a Boyfriend

Prepare Lips

Make your lips soft. Apply some moist or any other formula to make your lips soft. Soft lips are more attractable for kissing than dry ones. Start applying the lip emollient before going to your partner whom you want to kiss.

How To Kiss a Girlfriend

Refresh Your Breath

Clean your mouth and brush your teeth so that you could have fresh breath. If you will not have fresh breath then your partner will end kissing you.

How To Kiss

How To Kiss

Go To Some Private Area

Go to a place where you and your partner will be alone. There are more chances of long kisses if you have gone to some private area.

How To Kiss

How To Kiss

How To Kiss A Girlfriend

Following are some important tips to kiss your girlfriend.

How To Kiss

How To Kiss

Set Mood

Go somewhere alone. If you want a romantic kiss then it is very necessary that go with you partner at some lonely place. If you will kiss your partner at a place where some people will present then it came in the category of show off. Your partner may think that You are showing off.

How To Kiss

Focus Her

If your are going to kiss your girlfriend then you might focus her in every respect. Give her care, Spend time with her. Tell her that  she is most pretty and sexy girl. This will make your girlfriend kiss you.

How To Kiss


Give your partner loving compliments as a compliment is very good way to tell your girlfriend that you want to kiss her.

How To Kiss

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How To Kiss A Boyfriend

If you are going to kiss your girlfriend following are the important points.

How To Kiss


Before you plan to kiss your boyfriend you should make sure that you are looking good. A good appearance of yours will attract your boyfriend to kiss you.

How To Kiss

Plan Your Kiss

Before kissing your boyfriend you must plan that when, how and at which place kissing your boy friend will be something gaining. Plan whether you will give your boyfriend a french kiss. Find out the right time and kiss hard your boyfriend.

How To Kiss

Eye Contact

It will be very great for you to kiss your boyfriend if you make an eye contact with him. When you make an eye contact with your boy friend it increases your  attraction and forces your boyfriend to kiss you.

How To Kiss

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