How to Select A Profitable Niche? – Ultimate Guidance By Daungy

How to Select A Profitable Niche? – Ultimate Guidance By Daungy

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Following key points will be covered in this article:
1- Profitable Niche Selection Strategies
==>Brainstorm Your Niche with Respect To Audience
==>Passion / Interest
==>Your Skills / Ability
==>Never Copy Successful Blogs, Respect Your Passion
==>Long Term Business

How to Select A Profitable Niche

Selecting niche while starting a blog is just like selecting life partner for your blogging career 🙂 So be careful while selecting partner for your business and profit. Or in other words you may call it topic for your blog which is very very important. As many of us are new to blogging so they do not know how to select a profitable niche is one of the key question by them to start their new business on blog. Lets discuss profitable niche selection strategies to make it much easier.

How to Select A Profitable Niche

Profitable Niche Selection Strategies

Following are some profitable niche selection strategies. Lets talk about them one by one:

1- Brainstorm Your Niche with Respect To Audience

How to Select A Profitable Niche

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Think about Audience with respect to:
i- Male / Female
ii- Age 18 / 25 / 40 / 60 years.
iii- Either Your Audience Are Technical Or Not?

2- Passion / Interest


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Most important thing is to explore your passion / interest. Passion can defeat everything. Passion can give you long lasting working passion. Suppose you have two dishes in your dinner like chicken and vegetable but you like vegetable most. Then what you will like to eat? Vegetable right? So same the case is with blogging passion.

3- Your Skills / Ability

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Blogging key to success is right use of your skills. If you decide your blog niche according to your skills then you will be creating quality content for your blog.

4- Never Copy Successful Blogs, Respect Your Passion

Many of newbie bloggers who plan for blogging they look here and there on internet. They usually check top blogs on internet and try to make like those. This is one of the most wrong technique adopted by newbie bloggers. Please just focus on your passion and respect your passion. If you are copying a Technology blog but you are not Software Engineer or technical then its like to jump in hell.

5- Demand

How to Select A Profitable Niche

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Check which is hot topic for blogging? But just following demand trick may cause of your failure as if it is not your domain. Therefore double check it either its according to your skills or not? If its related to your skills / abilities then you have gold in your hand to start blogging.

6- Long Term Business

profitable niche

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Some bloggers try to make blog on specific event like happy new year 2017. This is only valuable till new year night of 2017. This type of niche is not a good idea. Always try to decide a long term business niche. Suppose someone decide a niche like hollywood actresses and their wallpapers. This is forever niche. This will not be useless after sometime like happy new year 2017 idea.


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