Johnny Depp biography and wallpaper – Daungy

Johnny Depp biography and wallpaper – Daungy

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JOhnny Depp

Short Introduction of Depp

Depp is a number one actor of Hollywood. He was born in 9 june 1963 in Owensboro that is the village of United states. Depp lived with his grand father in his child days. His grand father died when he was seven year old. After this, he spent time with his family. He was fifteen year old when he did his first experience with drugs. After this he stuck out from school and he start his life with music band.

Biography of Depp

Johnny Depp childhood

Johnny Depp childhood was very interesting. He was an active and naughty from his child days. He stuck out from school due to drugs but he keep it up and connected to music band and drugs properly and little bit with acting.Johnny Depp childhood was full of pain.
Johnny Depp childhood

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In 1984 his 1st movie was introduced that was the start of success of Depp. After that he decided to do an acting and prove himself a good actor and after this he start his career with small part of different movies. With the passage of time he was offered by tv dramas. After this he worked a lot movies and going hit with his great personality and his acting.
Johnny Depp childhood

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His drug was many time the head line of news but he carry on and went for his journey and he achieved his goal. Now a days he is the most popular actor of Hollywood due to not just acting but also with his fun and talent. He is living in france and island.

Johnny Depp Parents 

Johnny Depp Parents

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His father was an engineer and his mother was an waiter. His father name is Christopher Depp and mother name is Betty Sue. Johnny Depp parents left each other after four children.
Depp with his father
Johnny Depp parents

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After divorce his mother married with Bob Plmer. After the passing of Bob she decided to live her remaining life with his children. She was 81 year old when she was past due to long illness that was the day Friday morning. Depp love his mother . He also has a tattoo with her name.

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Many time Depp spoke about his mother in his interviews

Johnny Depp Brother and sisters

Depp has one brother. His name is Danny. Danny married with Mahnaz in 1979. In many project Danny worked with Depp. Now he work at his personal bookstore in California.
Depp has two sisters.
Johnny Depp Brother and sisters group photo
Johnny Depp Brother and sisters

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Their names rae Christie Dembrowski and Debie(Deborah j.Depp). Debie was born in 1956. She is a school teacher . Christie Dembrowski was born in 1960. She works with Depp many time with his movies and also support Depp in his business. Both are married and living happy life with their children.

Spouse( Johnny depp wife’s )

Beacouse Depp was naughty. He loved many time with different ladies at different time.
Johnny depp wife’s photo
Johnny depp wife’s

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Depp has married two time first time in December 1983 with Lori A. Depp she was beautiful leady but unfortunately relationship could not carry long time. They got divorced in march 1986. After this Amber Header was a model to whome Depp started dating with her in 2012. They got married to each other on February 2015. But again unfortunately they got divorced in May 2016 divorced.

About Johnny Depp’s Children

Depp has two children.
Johnny Depp’s Children photo
Johnny Depp's Children

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One daughter, Lily Rose and one son, John Christopher. Both hated Amber Header too much. When Depp 52 year old his daughter Lily was 16 and his son was 16 years old.

Johnny Depp Networth

Depp is most famous actor and Johnny Depp Networth is 400 million dollars and 100 million dollars sallery per year.
Depp in form
johhny depp

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Depp at Social media

Depp not use social media but at facebook have a official page of Depp.


HD wallpapers of Depp.

HD wallpapers of Depp during smoking
HD wallpapers of Depp

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HD wallpapers of Depp which make depp number one
HD wallpapers of Depp

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johnny depp Quotes

johnny depp Quotes about love and laugh.
johnny depp Quotes

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johnny depp Quotes about success.
johnny depp Quotes

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DAUNGY Observation about Depp.

sorry to say, English is not my mother tong and am not native with English so please try to understand.

only one thing that i want (smile on your face after reading <3 )

my observation about depp “he was non serious, compressed with lake of love in his childhood life from his family. With the passage of time he become careless about his life he start drugs. Daungy point of view his parents fight each othere that was the big effect on Depp.And also these point make Depp chiller and also proved these steps of success for Depp whichever Depp also don’t know about these point and he reach that point which point he never think”
His success start when she take everything normally.

due to lake of love from family he search love in every where that is also point of success(when anyone can’t get love his family then he search out side, that the cause of … )

be happy :* stay blessed <3



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