Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 And Their Description

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 And Their Description

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keyboard shortcuts Windows 10

Millions of Microsoft user use windows 10. They must know the keyboard shortcuts for ease in use. As this is the new and the latest version of windows many of the users have difficulty in using this version of windows as they are not used to it.

In this new version of windows, There is a variety of key board shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft also introduces many new functionalities like Virtual Desktop. All these new functionalities use windows key. Following are some important keyboard shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts

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Window key + Tab

This windows 10 Keyboard shortcut activate Task View. If you will open this windows task view this will show you all the opened windows on which you are working.

keyboard shortcuts

Window Key + A

This windows 10 Keyboard shortcut shows you the action center. This action center is a sidebar which shows you the new coming notifications and actions on the windows.

keyboard shortcuts

Windows Key + C

This windows 10 Keyboard shortcut take you to activate cortana with speech. This is a new functionality in windows 10. For all the user that are unfamiliar with this functionality you can use cortana for weather forecast, To get some jokes, To set reminders, To find some files etc.

keyboard shortcuts

Windows Key + D

This keyboard shortcut of windows 10 is used for moving for the current working window to the desktop. This takes you to the main desktop of your computer.

keyboard shortcuts

Window Key + E

This keyboard shortcut of windows 10 is used to open file explorer. If you have not opened any explorer window than you can use this shortcut to open new explorer window.

keyboard shortcuts

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Window Key + G

This keyboard shortcuts activates the Xbox game bar using which you can record games or you can take screen shorts.

keyboard shortcuts

Window Key + H

This windows keyboard shortcut activates share feature in the Applications of windows 10. Using this feature you can share the content with local accounts and also with  the overall world.

keyboard shortcuts windows 10

Window Key + I

This Keyboard shortcut opens the windows settings for you. Using which you can change the settings of windows according to your choice.

top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Window Kay + K

This shortcut activates connect  feature to audio devices and also connects stream to wireless.

top 10 keyboard shortcuts windows 10

Window Key + L

This shortcut will lock your local windows account. If you have set any password on that account then you can use windows after opening that account by logging in with password.

windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
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