How to Make Blog Popular – 9 Proven Techniques by Experts

How to Make Blog Popular – 9 Proven Techniques by Experts

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how to make blog popular

How to Make Blog Popular

If you want to make your blog popular and really want to earn from blog by using some ads campaign like Google AdSense then you have to technical at some points. Google AdSense is one of the best ads campaign to use for earning.
Now the question is how to make blog popular? You are lucky as you are here to explore 9 proven techniques shared by experts. If you really apply these techniques carefully then I am sure that your blog will be popular very soon. Lets discuss these techniques one by one.

1- Customize Blog Design – Easy To Navigate

Search engine bots like the blog with easy navigation. Search engines like the blog which have good user experience. Also your users / visitors will like your blog if it will be easy to navigate and easy to find required material. This is much important technique that is why I am listing it at first number.

2- Add Blog to Different Communities

Sharing is caring 🙂 With organic traffic you should do struggle to share blog posts on different online blog communities. There are a lot of communities like:
ScoopIt etc

3- Write Tutorials / Pillar Articles

I am following Yaro Starak, one of the best bloggers.He always emphasizes the importance of pillar articles. Now lets think about them, if you try to write article about something happened on a specific day, the content will be only for that specific day and with time it will be getting old. And it will lose its importance with the passage of time. But if you write on a “How to” Article or you make a tutorial that solves a problem. Its importance will be forever.
Lets explain it. If you write an article about “How to Make Blog Popular” or “How to Make Blog Popular on Google”, you know that its a problem solving article. People will always be using when they will try to make their blog popular.

4- Guest Author on Different Popular Blogs

This is one of the best way to populate your blog. You can post guest posts on different blogs with good Google page ranks. It will give you good quality backlinks to your blog. Through these backlinks you will be getting a lot of quality traffic. Ultimately it will make blog popular.

5- Give Some Material to Download for Free

This is also a good trick for making blog popular like if you offer a premium software to download for free. Readers will share your post with their circle. Most of the blog often use this technique to make blog popular.

6- Do Blogging Frequently

Fresh content is liked by the search engines. Its just like key to your blog success. Do not do posts once a week and expecting people to check your blog on daily basis. Readers are always hungry for information and they are expecting to see something very valuable and new on your blog consistently.

7- Create a Social Media Pages and Promote

Again I ‘ll repeat sharing is caring. If you are creating valuable content but do not share it, it means you are losing your 30% users. No doubt you can get a good amount of organic traffic from SEO techniques. But social traffic matters a lot. Therefore we should be sharing blog on different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc.

8- Stick To Your Blog Niche

Don’t detracked from your blog niche. You should always be niche specific. If your blog is about health niche then your posts should be related to health topics / keywords. Always be true to your goals you set for your blog. Always double check that are you providing authentic information to your readers.

9- Don’t Be Boring And Be Relevant

Do not be boring by proving incorrect or irrelevant information. Most of the bloggers start talking about their routine life while starting a blog post. No matter what about post is they keep writing their own stories for half article 😀 So please avoid this boring habit. Just provide to the point and authentic information.


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