Robbie Amell Wedding Pictures With Complete Biography

Robbie Amell Wedding Pictures With Complete Biography

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Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell born on 21 April 1988. He is an actor and also a model. He was born in a famous city of Canada named Toronto. He is also the first cousin of the famous actor of Arrow, Stephen Amell. His father worked in the jewelry business. When he was not an actor Amell loved playing Hockey.

Robbie Amell
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Robbie Amell started working when he was only six years old. In the start he worked in commercials. When he was sixteen, then in college he begin to work in the plays as a role model. He developed his interest in this field which made him to join the Canadian studio academy. He studied and graduated from Lawrence park collegiate institute in 2006.

Robbie Amell wedding

In the very role of his career he worked in cheaper by dozen 2. In this role he was given a silent role although in the end he is given two lines to speak. He also started working for the horror films in 2007.

Robbie played a very important and significant role in the Canadian family channel which has a very famous series in those days named life with Derek.  Robbie also played a role in the Nickelodeon and VP.

Robbie Amell wife

Before being a wonderful and a good actor Amell wants to be a Hockey player as it is stated that he also had interest in the Hockey. He started delivering Dance lectures also.

In 2009, Robbie worked for a TV movie and played very important role. This movie become hit and made the record of the most watched movie on any cartoon network. He continued his role in the next sequel of that movie in 2010.

Robbie Amell brother

Amell received a very important role in 2013, in drama Tomorrow people of sci-fi. This drama was a remark as British TV also had a play of the same name.

In 2014 and 2015, Robbie worked for different series. He also played the role in the comedy film. In 2015 a film of Amell named code 8 earned a record earning of $1.5 billion.
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who is Robbie Amell? Robbie Amell wedding? From 2008 Amell started dating an actress Italia Ricci. The couple got engaged in 2014 and they are married in October 2015.

robbie amell pictures

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