10 Things Managers Should Not Do In The Workplace

10 Things Managers Should Not Do In The Workplace

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Things Managers Should Not Do

Every organization has it’s structure. As managers are the main power of any organization, there are some things managers should not do in order to make that organization more powerful.

things managers should not do

There is a hierarchy in any organization that makes it functional. A Good manager leads the whole firm. Here are some points you should avoid in order to be a good manager.

things managers should not do

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Manager is the most responsible person in an organization. Remember, When employees make any mistakes don’t shout on them and do not complain them bitterly. As mistakes are the part of the work. Always encourage your employees so that next time they will take more interest in doing tasks.

10 things managers should not do

Don’t be Dictatorial

Good Managers should avoid dictatorship. You should delegate the responsibilities within the organization. And make sure that you are participating in each of the problem accruing in the divided tasks. Guide your teams properly. Your dictatorship will make your employees think that they are inferior to you which is not a good thing for any company as issues arise in that case in completing different tasks correctly.

things a supervisor should not do


Managers should not take the credit of any of the achievements of their employees. Let your employees take credit of their achievements. This will increase their confidence and most willing to do the right tasks at the right time.

illegal things managers do

Find Your Mistakes

Managers should avoid blaming the employees all the time. If company’s products are not turning out as they are expected find your mistakes in that scenario. You should avoid Blaming employees all the time. This will show your employees that you also make mistakes and they will feel better.

things managers should not do

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Manager should not ignore their employees. Remember when your employee has a problem listen to him/her. This will make him feel good that you also give them respect and you are also willing to help them in their problems.

things managers should not do


You should not make every relationship with your employee in regard with your business. Talk to them in the free time. Ask him about their health family and other issues if they have any. You should take interest in their life excluding the office life.

things managers should not do


you should avoid negativity when giving feedback to your employee. Firstly, Appreciate them for all the good work they have done and then after that mention some things they violated.

things managers should not do
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