Tips To Prepare For First Day Of School – Daungy

Tips To Prepare For First Day Of School – Daungy

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First Day Of  School

The summer vacations are over it’s time to get ready for school again. This will help you to be in the same routine again. You can also make a  great first impression on first day of school. So be cool and read this article to get ready for school this is going to help you.

First Day of School

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Be Ready

Be ready for school a week prior to classes. Understand that it’s time to go to bed early again and also to wake up early in the morning. So change your vacations routine and set your routine according to school days.

First Day of School activities

Make Preparations

If you don’t go to school for two and a half or three months than you may have many missing things. So go to the shopping some days before the classes and prepare yourself for classes. Go to shopping and bought necessary things you are missing like pen, Notebook etc.

First Day of School

Buy New Clothes And Shoes

It’s time to get ready for shopping. Again, You should maintain a list of your needs. You should buy some new clothes and shoes to get ready for first day of school.

First Day of School activities


It’s time for you to decide that  how you would go to school. What will be your transportation means whether you go through school/college bus or you will go by private means. If you decided to go by private means or your own convince then you must assure that transportation is available to you for going to school for the first day.

First Day of School
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Have A Look On Timetable 

Get your school’s time table before the opening of the school. Check the schedule of classes you are going to attend in next coming days and prepare yourself accordingly.

First Day of School activities

First Day Of School Activities

There is a possibility that  you can feel alone on the first day at school. So making friends is one of the first day of school activities. So make more friends and be happy at school.

First Day of School


Make a good first impression. People judge you anyway. Make sure that you are clean, wear good clothes and shoes.Don’t do activities like chewing gum all the time. This makes a bad impression.

First Day of School activities


If you want to know the first day of school activities than you must know that you should smile all the day. That makes a great impression of your personality.

First Day of School

Coordinate With Others

As you are going to school for the first day after vacations. There is a chance that you may find many new peoples around you. So go to the, Ask them to sit with them have a coffee and enjoy your first day at school.

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